Showcasing Talent

Agent showcase talent development initiative will support professional creatives which are at every career stage.
Building entrepreneurs and teams within the events showcase thus creating a unique experience.
Creating opportunities to showcase talent, and create leaders within their field, that will establish development and progress with arts, events and hospitality.

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Top Brass wanted!

A new event in the creation for Whit Friday weekend  on the 14th & 15th June 2014. Saddleworth Vintage creative team will create a Brassiere, Man Ray & Marcel Duchamp would be proud to attend!  Featuring performance within the program, and also showcasing the Top Brass in Metal & Print, all under the theme of “Brass”

The Hospitality team would like to feature the “Top Brass” in Patisserie or cake making, and Garde Manager within the Saddleworth museum.  If you know of anyone interested in a stall or just to demo what they can create (ideal for a recent graduate or freelance), please get in touch.

Brass Soloists wanted to feature you within the program!  Its all about Whit Friday weekend in Saddleworth.


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Diggle Band Club Macmillan coffee morning 27th September 2013


Baker’s of Diggle, show us your ware’s!

Diggle Band Club will be hosting a coffee morning in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support.  Where the lovely volunteers will be serving you coffee with various bakes and cakes.  They will have a stall to sell produce, if you wish to donate a cake or bake to the cause. Enjoy a coffee in this historic village, I am sure a few people have some stories to tell!

Where: Diggle Band Club,  Huddersfield Rd, Diggle, Oldham OL3 5PJ  T 01457 872856

When: Friday 27th September 2013

Time: 10am till 1.30pm

Macmillan Coffee Mornings will be the worlds biggest and best coffee morning hosted on Friday 27th September 2013, and we hope you will become a slice of it!

For more coffee mornings near you please visit

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Saddleworth Yanks Black Market

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To celebrate Yanks back in Saddleworth run by ww2events 9th, 10th & 11th August 2013, where Living History Re enactors take you back to world war 2, and re enacts the convoy that featured within the film “Yanks”.  Here at Saddleworth Vintage and Handmade, we are  forced to operate outside the formal economy, supported by the Established State power for goods and services, creating our own online black market!  The White Market will be held at Saddleworth School where you can see our very own Lipgloss & Lenses, and book in for that vintage style pamper party. On the Black Market Luxury goods seemed to be readily available, illegally and at a high price.  Brought over by the American soldiers, or sold by savvy businesses under the counter.  Black market goods were always excessively expensive and considered luxury items.  The black market will open until the 11th August 5pm, the individual businesses will contact the winners about the contraband. Our Black Market comes from a taste of that Luxury and sort after products such as Jeweller Caroline Royal “Something Old Something new” cufflinks made from Vintage British Rail buttons, all you have to do is tell her why you should own those cufflinks!  Also jewellery up on the black market are fresh water pearl earrings, part of the “Pearl Harbour” range, ideal jewellery to set off those vintage dresses, or a gift from  your very own soldier, Like Agentshowcase facebook page and tell me why you should win those earrings! Little hands vintage baby are giving away  black market booty!  Tell the maker why you should own those booties! Famous line in Yanks “I’m pregnant” reply “so is half the bloody town love!”

Whim Wham Cafe ‘Its Like walking into the dying wish of a spitfire pilot’ – Timeout Magazine.  They offer a happy hour weekdays Tuesday to Friday 5pm till 7pm where you can sample smaller dishes of the main menu for £5.00. Two cocktails for £9 or I recommended £10 bottle of  house wine.

Tea With Tom are giving you the opportunity to have afternoon Tea, for two, within their quirky Vintage Van. An idealic Saddleworth Location perfect setting to escape! Just follow the link and tell them why you and a friend should win that memorable treat! From the fabulous Slaithwaite Emporium they shall be giving away a fab 40′s poster! Got to love a strong woman! Please contact the businesses for further information, I’m just promoting these offers!

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Yanks In Saddleworth 2013

To celebrate Yanks back in Saddleworth run by ww2events 9th, 10th & 11th August 2013, where Living History Re enactors take you back to world war 2, and re enacts the convoy that featured within the film “Yanks”.  Here at Saddleworth Vintage and Handmade, we are  forced to operate outside the formal economy, supported by the Established State power for goods and services, creating our own online black market!

Psst! Watch out for our Agents for the black market within the event!

Follow me on twitter Agent Showcase, showcasing the great, the quirky and memorable from Yanks back in Saddleworth 2013.  Also if your at the event and spot something to share, send Saddleworth V a tweet, who will be located on the White Market at Saddleworth School!

Remember watch this space for some great offers and prizes over the weekend, Enjoy!

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Psst! Black Market Coming soon!

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Yanks are back in Saddleworth 9th, 10th, 11th August 2013.
Watch this space!

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“I Say Ding Dong Saddleworth Vintage”

Saddleworth Vintage is proud to be a part of Craft & Design month 2013.  An initiative designed to raise awareness of the enormous amount of creative talent past and present we have in this country.

Where: Tanner Business Centre, Greenfield, Saddleworth.  OL3 7NH

When: Sunday 26th May 2013, 10am till 5pm.

“Ding Dong Saddleworth Vintage” is looking at the Vintage lifestyle of crafts throughout the eras, and how elements of the wedding are crafted and unique.  Come and meet the people in Saddleworth behind creating a vintage wedding day to remember.  Something Old Something New Vintage and Handmade Market , you can witness demos, taste Vintage teas, and maybe pick up a few vintage  and handmade goodies along the way. Join us on Twitter or Facebook to join our discussions on War Brides then and now, and also what did you have for something old, something new?

Craft and Design Month is a ‘not for profit’ initiative launched by craft&design  magazine.  The magazine’s editor, Angie Boyer, explains: “There are many thousands of craftsmen and women who manufacture and sell their products in the UK and to the overseas markets who are completely overlooked by newspapers reporting on the demise of domestic manufacturing.

“Crafts is incredibly important to the economy but also to our wellbeing and way of life.  If we don’t use the talents of people on our doorstep, they will disappear forever.  We hope that by shining the spotlight on the skills of craftsmen and women throughout the country, the general public will think twice about who to go to when they need something for the home.   If we succeed in that, Craft and Design Month will have served its purpose.”

For further information on Craft and Design Month May 2013, including details of other events in your area, please visit:

We’re supporting Craft and Design Month.  Are you?

** Ends ***

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“Ding Dong Saddleworth Vintage”

"Something Old Something New" vintage & Handmade Market

“Ding Dong Saddleworth Vintage”

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Magpie Market

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My visit to Saddleworth Museum on a cold and snowy day, within Uppermill, was cheered up by a tree . The tree had a hand knitted installation wrapped around it to keep it warm!  Inside Magpie market, which housed some cold, but some jewellery makers I did know. Also some recent designer maker graduates such as Fay Jenkinson, that had made it through the bad weather who uses casting techniques, and interestingly the old method of staple repairs in ceramic. All use traditional hand making techniques and specialised areas such as Gemma Scully MJN, on chasing techniques.  Local art jeweller Cath Hill,  who is specialised in Enamelling techniques, and trained with my old jewellery mentor Colette Hazelwood, at craft & design centre (small world).

Good to see Realicoul within the market of which creates collections of quirky handmade button jewellery, unique textile accessories and beautiful home decorations. Design and make items such as funky button brooches, brightly coloured button bracelets, retro inspired button necklaces, kitsch button rings and of course super cute button earrings. These items I tend to do workshops in, but if you can not be bothered making your own. Realcoul use new as well as genuine antique /vintage buttons and each item to make is one of a kind and very collectable. They also make beautiful fabric covered brooches, pincushions, cushions, dolls, artwork, purses, kindle sleeves, and bunting. You may have seen their  designs with handmade Jubilee themed jewellery complete with union jack buttons at Saddleworth Vintage & Handmade fair in honour of the Jubilee.

Even though jewellery designer makers are pitched at the contemporary market we are still in our little workshops, using vintage tooling and traditional techniques, that are used time and time again for timeless designs.

Realcoul magpie market

magpie market selects Realcoul and button jewellery

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Vintage and Handmade Fair in May

Craft and Design Month is in May. To continue on the theme of linking a Saddleworth Vintage and Handmade Fair to the event, are you interested in exhibiting/having a stall? If so please can you reply via the website or on facebook so we can get an idea of numbers and venue needed.

We haven’t decided on a date as yet but again but most probably towards the end of the month.

Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you.

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